Lying in bed at Bouquet Gardens I can remember my roommate walking into my room and telling me I had to come to the living room.

Unsure what he was talking about I grudgingly rolled out of bed, slowly making my way to the television, less than 15 feet away. To witness the news that morning will be a moment that will be with me for the rest of my life and each September 11th, that memory returns.

As the day was starting at the University of Pittsburgh there was fear across the nation, as our country was going through an experience that would change history. As a young 19 year old, that day will always be marked by conversations with teammates, sitting in the Pitt Football team room awaiting word that one of my closest friends and teammates Dad was ok, as he worked in the Towers and hearing our game that weekend was canceled.

As the minutes and days passed it was also an incredible time to see people come together, through sport. We played Miami the following week at Heinz Field and in pre-game we all held a 100 yard American flag on the field, in honor of those fallen in 9/11. During an extremely somber time in our nation, it was also one where I learned a great deal about the power of sport, the power of play, the power of a simple game.

A simple game that helped some people heal.
A simple game that provided some a sliver of light in a darkened time.
A simple game that united those impacted.

This weekend, as we broadcast games on the #Pac12Networks am reminded, once again, that the power of sport is far beyond a field and much more impactful than a touchdown.