Oliver Luck, CEO and commissioner of the XFL, joined The Yogi Roth Show from the Athlete’s First RV in Atlanta at the Super Bowl. From the A1RV, they discussed his excitement around ‘re-imagining the game’ with the XFL, the process of building a ‘Start Up,’ and the joy he gets from constructing a league that will provide athletes, coaches and various professionals new jobs. They also delve into the XFL’s freedoms regarding college football players eligibility, dealing with the growing anxiety and depression in sports & some of the changes the XFL will have regarding rules and style of play.

Commissioner Luck’s entire life has been based in sports, as he has lived all over the globe building one of the most respected careers in college and professional athletics. A former quarterback at West Virginia and the NFL, Commissioner Luck would eventually find himself as the president of NFL Europe before returning to the United States as the CEO of the Houston Sports Authority and President and GM of the Houston Dynamo soccer team.

He then returned to West Virginia as its Athletic Director, spent four years at the NCAA prior before leading the XFL’s return to professional football. Follow the XFL’s path to its 2020 kickoff at @XFL202 and Commissioner Luck’s guidance @OliverLuckXFL or visit www.XFL.com as they ramp up to a 2020 kickoff.

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