Pat Hoderny, former college quarterback, joins Yogi Roth on the final episode of the limited series titled ‘What Does It Mean to Make It?’ which featured a variety of quarterbacks in college and the NFL.

Pat and Yogi were teammates and freshman roommates at the University of Pittsburgh and share a special bond that this conversation reflects.

In this episode, Pat shares stories from his journey as one of the top prospects in high school football in 2000, his experience in major college football and how his football career took a turn that he never expected. He also shares intimate details on his use of alcohol and his journey in sobriety.

Now a husband and recent father, Pat’s vulnerability will leave an inspirational mark as you listen to his path in football and beyond. To learn more about Pat follow him on Instagram @pat_hoderny. For more conversations around sports and humanity visit or follow @YogiRoth.

This podcast was executive produced and edited by Owen Black. Follow his work @OwenBlack1 on Instagram.

This podcast was edited on YouTube by Noah Hanning.