Ruben Rojas is an international street artist whose art has impacted the world through powerful and simple messages that revolve around the idea of love.

He joined Yogi Roth on the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast to share his transition into the art community from finance and how his art has impacted the top high school quarterbacks in the nation at the 2018 Elite 11 Quarterback competition.

The 2018 theme for the Elite 11 was #iAm. The focus of Yogi, the host of the Elite 11, and the staffwas to remind the high profile student-athletes that they are more than just quarterbacks. Ruben guided that conversation with his street art, as each athlete created a canvas that had their #iAm statement written on it. Ruben then combined each canvas into a mural that celebrated the journey of each QB and the 2018 Elite 11 class. It is titled, ‘I Am. We Are.’

His conversation with Yogi will have you thinking about your path, offer you tools to seek your best self and inspire you, as Ruben says ‘nothing is impossible unless we say it is.’

To see Ruben’s art be sure to watch the Elite 11 documentary series later this summer on NFL Network and other digital platforms.

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