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How Great Is Ball?! Yes, college football is finally here as is Season 5 of The Yogi Roth Show: How Great Is Ball kicks off! Yogi shares a description of what to expect this fall, a recap of his Bali wedding with special guest and wife Amy (if you love dogs, check out her company KindTail), and much more. Be sure to subscribe, rate and review this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

What to expect this fall:

In a world where college football is dramatically celebrated and dramatically critiqued it can be often forgotten that those playing, coaching or living this game are in fact, human. The Yogi Roth Show: How Great Is Ball unearths that humanity in Season 5 of his podcast.

Award-winning storyteller, broadcaster and host Yogi Roth brings you Season 5 of The Yogi Roth Show by interviewing All-Americans, Hall of Fame coaches, agents of change in sport, names you never heard of and more.

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