As the sun rises along the Venice Canals in Italy, Yogi Roth sits with a cup of local coffee while reflecting on his time in Paris and a quick stop in this Italian community on this LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast episode.

Yogi dives into the concept of ‘The Space Between.’ Ranging from the space between our ears, the space between notes on a scale, and the space between marks in time among these historical cities he explores the impact that being quiet can have. Yogi also speaks about the space between commitment and hesitation and how traveling, surfing and specifically walking, allows him to explore his thoughts looking over Paris at Montmartre with the Sacre-Coeur behind him.

He then explores his mindset in Italy and how important it is to get lost in those thoughts, to explore ‘The Space Between’ our ears while walking or has his Dad says in the documentary film LIFE IN A WALK‘Man is made to move – so we move through things in life.’  Yogi also discusses the power of processing while being present.

This podcast has a different feel than previous episodes, as you are taken to the edges of the Venice Canals while hearing the local sounds. You’ll notice the difference in Yogi’s tone, as you are dropped into his trip like you are sitting next to him.


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