Steve Physioc – Quite simply, the nicest guy you you’ll ever meet.

This Kansas native is now broadcasting the reigning World Series champion Kansas City Royals baseball games but his path back home will have you listening to this episode of the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast in awe.

Steve’s wisdom around life is crystal clear, as he reminds us that ‘if you are determined to see good in others, you’ll find it.’ His positivity is contagious and his desire to explore is admirable as he states, ‘when you’re a seeker and open minded, you always challenge yourself.’

Steve was my first broadcast partner at Fox Sports calling college football games, and he took me under his wing from day one. His advice was incredible, but it was how he lived each day that impacted me most.

Yet looking back–it was on Friday’s or Sunday’s, along open roads to/from the airport, at dinner with our broadcast partner Sam Ponder talking philosophy or with our crew after a game where I was able to see who Steve truly is–a man with integrity who has a love for his family that is unquantifiable.

Listen to Steve’s soothing voice, powerful quotes and mastery of storytelling as he will bring tears to your eyes, chills to your soul and remind us all that life is short, and it is to be lived with a full heart.

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