ProtectHer and I Am That Girl founder Alexis Jones host a conversation at the SXSW Conference centered around a major topic in sports and society: Redefining Masculinity. Alexis is joined by Clare Graff of the NFL, nine-year professional basketball player Brad Buckman and LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS host, Pac-12 Networks broadcaster & Elite 11 coach Yogi Roth.  Their conversation, titled ‘Redefining Masculinity in Sports,’ touched upon various topics such as sexual violence, depression in sports, social branding and what some answers could be to impact student-athletes on and off the field at all levels regarding this issue. It’s a unique discussion with four different lenses: Alexis Jones: who speaks in locker rooms across the nation with student-athlete and coaches around the topic of ‘redefining manhood one locker room at a time.’Brad Buckman: a former high school All American, Texas Longhorn and nine-year professional basketball player.Clare Graff: the Senior Director of Social Responsibility and Civic Communications at the NFL.Yogi Roth: Pac-12 Networks college football analyst, Elite 11 coach, former coach at USC, player at Pitt and award-winning storyteller.Filmmaker Sara Hirsh Bordo also joins as she is the Director of the film ProtectHer. For more information on @ProtectHer visit For more conversations around those seeking to impact the world subscribe to the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast. Follow @YogiRoth on Twitter for information on those seeking to become their best self.