“It’s not a weakness to get help, it’s a sign of strength.’ ~ BYU QB/Elite 11 co-MVP Tanner Mangum

Tanner Mangum was an unknown recruit in 2011 from Eagle, Idaho and after a summer with the Elite 11—the premiere high school quarterback competition—he catapulted himself onto the map in college football, as he was named co-MVP with Jameis Winston and Neal Burcham at the 2011 Elite 11 quarterback camp. Tanner always knew that he was capable of accomplishing great things if he worked hard, but in his case, greatness didn’t always originate from football. Tanner decided to put his newfound fame and notoriety in football on hold in order to follow his faith and serve a two-year mission trip in Chile to get to the core of people, as well as himself, in order to connect with a different culture and recognize the universal humanity that we all share.

When he returned he instantly became a household name, as he threw the game winning touchdown pass for BYU as they beat Nebraska on a ‘Hail Mary’ as time expired in his first college game. While his fame on the field grew, he struggles off the field grew as well. And just like he did as a quarterback, he went to work, yet this time it was on his mental health. Then, in 2017, Tanner told the sports world that he was dealing with mild depression and anxiety. He initiated the ‘Why Not Now?’ campaign to encourage people that there is no time like the present to talk about mental health and that it’s ok to ask for help.

During Mental Health Awareness Month, Tanner joins The Yogi Roth show to share his story and educate us that 1 in 5 student-athletes seek help with mental health, and those are only the statistics reported. This conversation will impact those listening; ranging from athletes, coaches, families and more to remind us all that mental health is something that must continue to be talked about, without fear of judgment.

Listen to this podcast for more insights about Tanner’s mission trip and college football career, as well as how he continues to seek a life of contentment and inner peace.

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