Pac-12 College Football Analyst. Award-winning documentary filmmaker. Best-selling author. Podcaster. Part of Pete Carroll’s USC coaching staff. World traveler. This is Yogi Roth, one of the most curious seekers, travelers, and thinkers we know. We’re thrilled to bring you our conversation on THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. Hailing from a small town in Pennsylvania, Yogi started making bold moves by walking on to the University of Pittsburgh football team and those moves haven’t stopped. He transitioned from playing to coaching at USC, and after exploring the world, he made his move to sports broadcasting. Nine years in, he’s worked at ESPN, Fox, and is now calling games and creating special pieces for the Pac-12 Network. Yogi’s impeccable work in college sports hardly scratches the surface of what he does and he doesn’t apply limits to what he chooses to pursue. Curiosity, seeking, and questioning are at the core of everything he does in making documentaries like his award-winning “Life in a Walk” and short films like ‘What Does it Mean to Love?”, writing books, and producing the episodes of his Life Without Limits Podcast. He’s paved his own unique path by leading with heart, personal faith, and curiosity, and all along the way he encourages everyone he meets to do the same. Listen, learn, and watch your sense of wonder come alive. For full show notes, visit: Contact:¬† @brinkofmidnight across social platforms