Yogi Roth called home from Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 4,263 miles from his home in LA, Yogi was there to do some introspective soul searching. Life has a way of not asking for permission to disrupt our plans. Yogi’s father and best of friends was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He knew in his spirit that his dad was going to be ok, but “what if he’s not?”

As you will hear in today’s podcast, Yogi is a man of action. His career as a collegiate athlete, coaching on the staff of Pete Carroll at USC, New York Times Best-Selling Author, ESPN sports analyst, PAC 12 sports broadcaster, television actor and adventurer have taught him to move quickly and decisively.

“If it doesn’t scare you, it isn’t BIG enough”.

The scariest “BIG enough” that Yogi could imagine would require him to go beyond the surface father-son conversational exchanges of work, weather and sports. With the threat of his dad’s life vanishing, he vowed to ask questions that a son often only asks his father when time is running out.

Tell me your story Dad

Within days Yogi initiated his second phone call to his dad “Hey Dad, you want to go for a walk together? I bought two tickets. I’d like to walk the Camino de Santiago with you”. Yogi’s black ops stealthy mission was to ask dad about his life, “Dad tell me your story”.

In today’s podcast you will hear how Yogi is a master of balancing Work Life Play. He vulnerably exposes his story of embracing relational discomfort; unapologetic curiosity and the necessity to dare to ask those you love most “Can you tell me your story?” LIFE IN A WALK is the documentary feature film that apprentices us in the art of listening, learning and discovering the power of our human stories.

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