During a historic month in college football and during a historic week in the United States, Yogi Roth shares two stories from his life that have influenced his lens on the world in a unique episode of The Yogi Roth Show.

The first story describes his first time at the voting polls as a child and the second story details the city of Pittsburgh and the impact of his mentor, Michele Rosenthal, who lost two brothers, David and Cecil, in the shooting at The Tree of Life synagogue in late October.

His hope is that everyone recognizes and remembers that regardless of platform we all have a voice.

Visit The Athletic, https://theathletic.com/631206/2018/11/03/love-wins-in-pittsburgh/, to read Yogi’s essay on Michele and how ‘Love Wins in Pittsburgh’ or www.YogiRoth.com for more podcasts around the humanity in college football.