The Magic of Travel

Traveling is magical.

From meeting strangers who become long term friends, people who you fall in love with for a few days or someone you meet randomly to only have a 3 hour conversation and never talk to again.

Yes, traveling is magical.

And I’ve heard many times that it too is ‘scary.’ In particular, solo traveling.

Leaving Ibiza and Barcelona today and it is as though I’ve known these two cities before when in fact I’d been to Barcelona 5 years ago and have never been to Ibiza.

Here’s how it goes down: Upon landing one has no clue which train or bus to hop on and there is an excitement/anxiety that is a blast…but upon departure it is as though we are a local, without a worry in the world.

While simple, that concept speaks to the larger purpose of traveling. Yea, it can be scary, lonely or worrisome for some of you who are hesitant to book your next adventure but trust me, don’t worry about it. You may be solo but you’re never alone.

We are programmed to survive. We are wired to meet others. We are primed to eat, drink, dance and explore with those we have never met and they are seeking that company as well.

So next time you’re scrolling along just hit purchase, and go get lost.

Will put everything in my small bag alongside the odds that those you meet along the way will become your guides, friends and possibly even something more ❤️?✈️.

Embrace that fear, go get lost and fall hard, as Traveling is Magical.


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