I wish i could describe it.
Truly i do.

Sitting on the ground at 11:42 pm in front of the Arc De Triupf, as a local guitar and bongo player recite Rodrigo y Gabriela, the only thing i can type is that the feeling of traveling matches the excitement of pre game, rivals the euphoria of making a game-winning play and relates to the uncertainty that becomes welcoming when outside of our comfort zone.

For the last decade i’ve been dropping into unknown places without a plan. Like a boxer, my move is to stick and jab, always be moving. And i thank you for being a part of that journey on various forms.

This time, for the first time, this exploration is one without a timeline.

There is no historic mountain to climb, iconic pilgrinage to walk or uncharted sea to sail. This time, it’s just where the wind blows, as someone wise once said.

To Barcelona, the rest of Spain and Portugal, let’s get lost…and to you, if you’d like, try it too…


night 2

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