Two travel rules

When we travel we make decisions.
Some calculated, some not.

Throughout my entire life with a passport I’ve lived by two simple rules; listen to your heart and adventure in the present.

For example, when I land I never have accommodation booked, rather drive to the city centre and sense what I’m feeling. Essentially, I look right and left and then listen to what that little instinctual thing says inside of me. I guess it’s like when you’re about to get tackled…you make small, subtle moves that you cannot describe but just feel.

On my most recent jaunt away from PA and LA I must say that my heart has been loud and living in the moment has been a must.

I have seen amazing things and been tested in hostile areas unlike any time in my life, but by listening to what my good friend Santiago called his ‘guide’ and remaining purely present I can write this note as the bright orange sun rises in Rwanda.

But as I continue to explore I also learn how many people care about you and that your decisions do impact them in ways we cannot imagine.

So while there is a crossroads regarding taking risks and causing concern for loved ones we must live with balance.

So as I re-enter Rwanda after an experience I choose not to detail but rather leave up to your sheer curiosity (as sheer curiosity got me and a fellow adventurpreneur in a little hot water).

I do not choose to advise anyone to live by someone else’s rules or try to mimic anyone else’s experiences/adventures, but I do stand firm that life is to be lived and we get to choose those limits. And we are held accountable for those choices.

But as we set those guideline and make those choices in our lives I remain steadfast that life remains guided by the heart and when lived moment to moment it is a beautiful place…even in the Congo ;).

Off to see the Gorilla’s.




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One comment

  • Chandrima Chatterjee July 3, 2012  

    Beautiful stuff Yogi. Inspiring to read how open you are to the world around you! Wish more of us took chances like that to experience life. I’m itching to get out and explore now! So glad we ‘met’! Have fun monkeying around with the gorillas 🙂