Underwater Peace

Thailand—where some of the most epic beaches on this ridiculously good-looking planet reside.

For the last week I was fortunate enough to explore them, get lost on them, dive under them and sail on them.

As I lay in a hammock reminiscing about kayaking in the rain, hiking to breathtaking viewpoints, or watching the sunset only to remain awake to catch the sunrise, each experience on this trip was mind-blowing.

But what shook me to my core was what happened underneath the surface one morning.

I’d chosen to go scuba diving. When asked if I knew what I was doing I looked the dive masters in the eye and conveyed bravado at its finest, “Oh yea, been a few times. Feel great about it.”

Well, 80 meters underwater nothing was further from the truth. I was breathing hard, attempting to pop my ears and every time I touched something or worse, something slithered past me, I’d jolt like our little cousin would when walking through a haunted house on Halloween at age 7.

Thankfully the guides were great, laughed at me and after our first dive, took me underneath the surface again.

The second time around I was relaxed, calm, and Zen-like as I tapped into the mental side similar to that sweet Hermosa Beach Bikram class at 5:30 am. I was gliding underwater, staying in the flow and at total peace.

My breathing slowed down, my ears rarely needed to burst and as something came in contact with me it was as if the fish, eel, turtle and I were in a choreographed dance that would likely get us voted off Dancing with the Stars (but that meant we were on it so all good).

And then it hit me—like a massive wave.

I was watching the thousands of living organism underwater and was taken aback by the variety my eyes witnessed.

Thousands of different types of life forms, a hundred different forms of coral, and numerous plants that showcased variant colors—All of them living together, in harmony. All of them appreciating and celebrating the Simple Joys that life offers.

And I thought about life above the water.

We are a world of millions of different people. We are a society of thousands of races. We are a culture consisting of over a hundred different religions. We are a population that lives by standards that change by the border. We are a variety of living organisms, much like the world beneath sea level.

Yet there is one significant difference.

Underwater the world is in a constant state of flow, consistently enjoying the planets Simple Joys.

On land, it’s quite the opposite.

The Middle East is a mess. North Korea rarely talks to the world. Egypt is in disarray. The jobless rate in the USA continues to hold households down and worst of all, freedom of expression is sending people to prison in some nations.

But why is that? Why do we argue? Why do we fight? Why do we kill? Why do we treat others the exact opposite way in which we hope to be treated?

Well, I apologize but I don’t have that answer.

But from my hammock in Thailand or within my imagination somewhere in this world, I can say peace is possible.

I mean, I have seen it.

Granted, it was underwater but it does exist.

And if it can occur below sea level, if it can occur in a constant state of free flowing motion in a culture that is more diverse than above the water then it can occur—-maybe we just have to do our part.


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  • Michael Gervais January 1, 2012  

    Great post Yogi — sounds like you were connected in an amazing way!