Unexplainable but let’s try

Some things in life have a reason.

Why we enjoy PB&J may be because we grew up having it every day. Why we love music may be because our mother sang to us each night. Why we adore sports may be due to the childhood friends we had.
But traveling, for me, is unexplainable.

Sure our Mom grew up in another country and our Dad is as well read as Hemmingway–so on the surface it is understandable why the urge to seek is there. And yes, we all want to see this world so it is not like this unrelenting desire to explore is uncommon.

But when pressed to describe the ‘why’ to what traveling does for me am at a loss…but being a competitor, will try:

The feeling of being lost, but being in the exact spot we are meant to be at the same time is magical. 

The eagerness to meet new people is something that fuels my life. 

And yes, the passion along this road is always at the forefront of my soul. 

So yes, traveling to me is living a full life and in this short life, let’s live and love with a flame that burns so bright that others are drawn in…and it is through the art of travel in which my flame gets stoked.
Traveling, maybe not so unexplainable after all.


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