Youth, Brilliance and Divine Inspiration

Learned that Michelangelo was 21 years old when he arrived in Rome and 30 when he began to paint the Sistine Chapel…he was never a painter and hated the city of Rome…but he took the job, relentlessly competed and drew 363 people on the ceiling over a four-year period on the greatest piece of artwork on the planet.

He learned from his mistakes as he began by painting 63 people on a slate and would learn to never exceed 45, as it looked too crowded.

He had trust in his ability, was independent in thought and never backed off his Divine Inspiration.

While walking through the Vatican City today I thought about this young man and how he rose to stardom so quickly and how he never backed off his vision.

Immediately, I thought of the pending college football season and the young coaches who have a philosophy, understand their core principles and relentlessly compete to guide their programs, or their Sistine Chapels.

Point being, there is no age that can define leadership, no age that can define greatness, no age that can define inspiration…you just have to trust in yours and let it rip…

Almost ball time!

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