ProtectHer: Roth Executive Produces educational documentary series

ProtectHer is a first-of-its-kind sexual assault prevention program.

Alexis Jones: ‘Storytelling, that’s the thing that lights me up.’

"Storytelling, that's the thing that lights me up.' Said

JC Penny Empowerment Experience + Girls, Inc: Roth joins team

JC Penny's Empowerment Experience came to Los Angeles this past March and Yogi Roth served as a guest speaker, talking to select students in a session coined, 'Your Style/Your Voice.

Roth challenges Dilfer, Neuheisel & Jones in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

After being called out and challenged by multiple people around the nation Yogi Roth accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Roth shares 1st TEDx Talk

Every so often we are fortunate to be around a collective group of people that are motivated to impact the world.