Brasil Day 4

A week into Brasil and once more, I’ve fallen in love in this nation.

But not to an individual, yet… To its local communities.

This incredibly passionate and loving country is the host to millions from around the planet who have ventured to this dreamworld in South America.

To witness, and be a part of, various cultures and traditions each day has been extremely unique. We are there for one another in celebration (Brasil victory) and heartbreak (Portugal v USA ending).

We laugh, exchange Facebook info and begin relationships founded on sheer instinct at 1 a.m. over incredible local music. It is everything that the World Cup hopes to be.

Well, except for a glaring issue.

The host nation, Brasil, who is pegged as the favorite to hoist the Cup in a few weeks time and is known as the Futball mecca, is dealing with the reality of this tournament in the local communities.

A reported 11 billion dollars have been spent to project a view of Brasil to the globe while hundreds of millions of dollars are desperately needed to bring locals in this picturesque nation out of poverty.

While none of us know where the profits will go once FIFA takes their share, it is already assumed by locals in the rural communities I’ve been exploring that none of that financial aid will come to them. Right or wrong, it’s the overwhelming assumption.

From speaking with hostel owners, taxi drivers and small business owners, this month is hard on locals as they cheer for their team, in their country. They all know, or at least assume, that the stages set for these massive matches are being created with money that could end corruption, ease poverty or simply improve the education system for the next generation.

As I head from Salvador and through the northern coast to Recife my soul has fallen for this great game, but my heart is also strained. This country that so many have grown to love (me included) is watching as the world falls in love with her on the surface amid turmoil that has earned the opportunity to come to a halt.

Thanks for listening and for sharing your stories and mine. Hope they are offering you a simple nudge to book a flight, purchase a bus ticket or just get in your car and explore. Peace. #LWOL

A couple more videos from of another awesome day below:

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