A ‘Veteran’ Mistake

Today I took a horse for a ride. Actually, allow me to re-phrase. Today, a horse took me for a ride.

Off toward the countryside I went, along with a few other travelers to the highest site on the island. There, we would be able to see the entire island and its surrounding water at all times. Also, it was the area of Easter Island where the view proved that the globe was in fact round as one could see how the earth is concave.

Before I hopped on to this beautiful brown horse, I, in typical guy fashion, told the guide that I’d ridden before and knew what I was doing. The fact is that yes, I had ridden before, but it was when I was eleven yeas old and in Colorado playing in a 3-3 basketball tournament. So let’s just say that I wasn’t quite a crafty veteran and a little out of equestrian shape.

And this horse sure had some juice. Right out of the gates she started to trot and at every chance, she cut it loose into an all out gallop. A ton of fun as I was pretending to be Curly Washburn from City Slickers, but the reality was that I never should have worn board shorts and I also have a very boney ass that is currently quite sore.

Yet through it all, the day was a blast as I was able to ride a horse through the heart of Easter Island, gain an appreciation for this small islands place on the earth, and learn what not to wear next time on a horse.

By the way, today the horse Won Forever as I rear end may be Sore Forever.

Talk soon,


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