Love Wins in Pittsburgh & Voting Day stories

As we enter the fourth quarter of the college football season we will surely come across moments that will define the season. Today, we also have a moment that will define the seasons to come in this country, as the polls are open. I ask you to use your voice based on three stories.

1) My podcast this week is a detour from recent episodes. Instead of bringing on a guest, I chose to monologue about the importance of voting. I took you down memory lane as I can vividly recall my Dad taking me to the voting polls at 6 years old, watching him cast his ballot and learning that each of us, no matter the platform, have a voice in this country. I hope you take a listen and if the opportunity is there, to take your loved ones to the polls.

2) Voting Day also reminded me of a story about University of Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen. He walked into a team meeting last year after the Presidential election. He asked his players if they wanted to talk about politics. They answered in unison ‘yes.’ Then he asked the players who voted to raise their hands. Only eight hands were raised. He then asked everyone who did not raise their hand, or vote, to leave the room, as they did not use their right to vote so they were not going to be in the conversation. For more of a background on a college football coach who is coaching ‘Beyond the X’s and O’s’ read this brilliant article by recent podcast guest Bruce Feldman.

3) Voting Day also reminds me of my past as an intern for Michele Rosenthal, former aide to a state representative and the Mayor of Pittsburgh. Michele also worked for the Pittsburgh Steelers leading their community relations efforts. When I played at Pitt I was her intern, and learned about life, community and the city of Pittsburgh. Almost two weeks ago there was a horrific shooting inside The Tree of Life synagogue in Squirrel Hill, a community in Pittsburgh. Among those who lost their lives were Michele’s two brothers, David and Cecil. The Athletic was kind enough to run an article I wrote about Michele, her brothers and how Love Wins in Pittsburgh.  Please take a read, share it and use your voice today in the election.

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