‘The work never stops’ ~ Jake Heaps

From Football Heaven on the Nike Campus Jake Heaps sits down with Yogi Roth on the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast.

Jake was the nations #1 ranked high school quarterback in 2009, as he won three state titles in the Seattle, Washington area.

He went on to start at BYU as a true freshman and the start of his college career launched. What happened next could not have been predicted as Jake transferred from BYU to Kansas, and eventually completed his college career at Miami as a back-up.

While most athletes in his shoes would retire, Jake fell back in love with the craft of that won over his heart as a child.

He takes us on the journey of his confidence, as it peaked, faded away and was re-born. He also shares his insight on Texas A&M WR Christian Kirk, Alabama WR Calvin Ridley and current Carolina Panther Christian McCaffrey.

As an NFL Quarterback and coach at the Elite 11, Jake Heaps will inspire you to go for it with his humility, love and much more. If you’re a student-athlete, parent or coach, you will learn from Jake, likely take notes and for all of the parents out there—you’ll be giving out more chores than ever before.

Jake and his wife Brooke, who inspired him to fall back in love with football.

Jake Heaps with the Seattle Seahawks

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Jake teaching the 2017 Elite 11 QBs