College Football Week 6 and Brenda Tracy

“I wasn’t built to break” – Brenda Tracy

She joins The Yogi Roth Show in week 6 of the season

Brenda Tracy is a catalyst and agent of change. This week she joined The Yogi Roth Show, to offer insights on how her organization #SetThEexpectation  inspires and empowers student-athletes to end sexual and relationship violence on college campuses across the country.

As you’ll hear in the podcast, thousands of student-athletes across multiple organizations and colleges – Stanford, San Jose State and the University of Michigan, to name a few – have embraced her campaign and mission. Leading the way was Stanford’s Head football Coach David Shaw. In 2017, Shaw created the #SetTheExpectation game – the first ever college football game dedicated to ending sexual and relationship violence on campus. In 2018, more programs are following suit as Brenda’s message continues to gain influence.
A survivor of a gang rape, each time she shares her story Brenda unpacks what it means to be a “survivor,” as well as how she uses her experience to positively influence others. She explains that it never gets easier to talk about, but knowing her words help other victims cope and prevent future acts of sexual violence motivate her to keep going. Her goal is to create a new societal norm that doesn’t allow for sexual assault or violence to take place, and redefine what manhood is by showing college athletes how to be respectful to women. Listen to this extremely moving podcast and go to to learn more about the woman who ‘wasn’t built to break.’

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