A campfire to remember

As if sailing around Cape Horn wasn’t enough, this day became even more memorable.

After anchoring the Santa Maria we took a small dingy to shore—where a small beach awaited us on an island along the southern seas. If you looked at the pictures you would guess we were on a beach in Thailand.

The sun and moon once again crossed as we built a fire, sang songs, played the guitar and shared great food and better drinks deep into the moonlight. Freddie showcased his blues skills on the guitar. Axcele busted out an accordion and put on an a cappella performance of ‘Each Wave that Breaks’ that was as unexpected as the wind. Tom sat back, waited for his turn on the guitar and put on a solo show that dropped our jaws to the sand and likely peaked even the albatross’ attention…and thankfully Tyler captured each moment, per usual.

Stories told such as Freddie being in the military, Axcele’s love for the singularity of the sea and Tyler’s newfound joy of the unknown were shared. But it was Tom’s story that stood out the most.

He lost his mother two and a half years ago, as cancer took her from this world too early. For Tom never got to say good bye, as he was at sea when she passed away. Truth be told, his Mom never told him or his brother that she was sick, as only her husband knew of the cancer. When Tom found out he attempted to call her frantically, but it was too late.

‘She didn’t want to tell us, as she never wanted us to feel as though we needed to spend time with her. If we wanted to see her, she felt we would go and see her….it was like she was telling me to enjoy things when they are here…’ said Tom as he looked into the ocean, almost looking towards her with his trademark squint and long dirty blond hair poking out from his hat.

It’s only been a week, but it feels like our little family has known each other for decades. And while my personal search on this trip continues I’ve never felt better…not sure what this journal will do but hope it offers a nudge to someone to live their story and enjoy where you are and those important to you along the way.

Dream well.

Oh, and of course, on the way back to the boat we all pretty much fell in—with Tom saving the day (of course), as a little dingy going into even small waves is not a simple task in the dark. We were wet, cold and howling with laughter that never seemed to end…well, none of us wanted it to.


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  • Steve Physioc February 23, 2014  

    You live life with passion…and compassion…you are indeed an old soul…love you man…keep living life to the fullest! Namaste baby!!!