Host Yogi Roth discusses the state of his podcast, LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS while sharing the focus of Season 4 as college football is upon us.

This fall, each guest will have a direct tie to college football but the essence of each guest will inspire you to challenge yourself, explore what it means to be human and live with a growth mindset as Yogi’s goal is clear: seek and uncover humanity in college football.

You’ll enjoy this short episode as Yogi discusses his ‘Board of Life’ and how three people, Kevin Carroll, Ken Black and Jeremy Darlow have impacted him over the last 18 months. You’ll hear Kevin’s lesson about ‘being in beta’ and always working on yourself while being open to what comes into your life. He describes Ken’s concept of ‘Do vs Be’ and dives into the discussion of ‘Form vs Essence.’ Also, Jeremy Darlow, who helped shape a clear positioning statement for Yogi is described, as his new book, ‘Athletes Are Brands Too’ is a must read.

To learn more about college football be sure to watch the Pac-12 Networks, where Yogi will be seeking and uncovering the schemes, stories and much more all season.

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