“I’m just going to go for it,” is exactly what Ben Malcolmson, a former football player turned author, had the courage to do when he finally decided to write his book WALK ON.

WALK ON had a dual meaning for Ben, who now works for the Seattle Seahawks alongside Pete Carroll, as it represented his journey walking on to the USC football team, as well as walking on through all the hardships he endured and had to overcome with regards to being a no-name player that had to work extra hard to get noticed.

In this #LifeWithoutLimits podcast, Ben goes into depth with Yogi Roth discussing how his journey has led him to seek to find his true purpose in life. It’s a unique conversation, as Ben and Yogi met the day of Walk On tryouts, as Yogi was a coach at USC at the time as well as a former Walk On at the University of Pittsburgh.

Roth and Malcolmson reminisce over their football glory days but collectively determined that there is nothing better than being a part of something bigger than yourself. You’ll be amazed by how Ben made the team, gain insight into his lone snap at USC, learn about the inner workings of major college football and the NFL and of course, you’ll be inspired by Ben’s mission to help everyone longing for fulfillment to seek to find the best version of themselves.

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