Carter Henderson, Associate Athletic Director in Marketing and Communication at the University of Washington joins the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast with Yogi Roth.

Many people view college athletics as big business but Carter shares the lens which he explores his profession. As the UW football team continues to climb the national rankings behind Chris Petersen’s leadership, Carter’s responsibility is to guide the storytelling efforts of this program.

“Storytelling with a Purpose” is how he explores the art of storytelling. Carter candidly states that he must believe in the “purpose” to feel good about the job he is responsible for.

A gifted storyteller since childhood, Carter shares how his family impacted his love of storytelling, why he started studying film and how the authenticity of storytelling relates to college football.

In a discussion in his office on the UW campus, Carter openly shares his path to understanding his ‘Why,’ the purpose of gratitude in his life and the core values he brings to work each day.

Whether you are a long-time football fan, in charge of crafting the marketing efforts in your profession or seek a look behind the Purple Reign curtain Carter Henderson’s path reminds us to remain curious, embrace the concept of ‘Lonely Work’ and may have you asking yourself what makes you feel most alive.

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