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Chris Burkard is one of the most inspirational explorers of modern times. As an explorer, Chris has traveled to all edges of the earth to capture images and content that millions have consumed. His photography combines powerful, wild landscapes with surfing, camping and human adventuring in a way that compels his audience to appreciate the earth and consider their own relationship with nature. He spoke with Yogi Roth during the 100th episode of The Yogi Roth Show to discuss his travels, creative process, how he sees the world and of course, what it means to be human. Listen in to discover how travel can be the most effective process of improving as a person.

Chris also directed the documentary Under An Arctic Sky, where six surfers set sail along the frozen shores of Iceland. Watch that on Netflix or other platforms via

If you enjoy books, be sure to read the children’s book that Chris wrote, The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth, one of Yogi’s favorite books to give to others.

Also, check out the Still Frothy Surf Ambassador Team. Chris Burkard Studio is hosting an event with them on March 8, 2019 called Still Frothy. Attendees will watch a short film and learn from six local surfers who are chasing waves around the world. To meet Chris, track his workshops and most recent content visit his website Also, be sure to follow Chris on Instagram @ChrisBurkard – it will leave you inspired and likely to book travel somewhere!

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