‘Your show becomes their memory’ ~ Jim Jorden, storyteller

Jim Jorden is a storyteller. Known most recently for directing All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines on Amazon Prime, Jim has been in the sports filmmaking profession for over 30 years. He has listened to intimate conversations among coaches and players during Super Bowls, the college football playoffs and more as he has wired high performers in almost every sport. Beginning at NFL Films, Jim understood the power of writing and that skill has allowed him to create documentaries that have aired on ESPN, NFL Network, the Pac-12 Networks, SEC Network, the big screen and much, much more.

Jim accredits his career successes to piano lessons. He learned from a young age to find success in repetition, which has translated into sport and driven him to become the best that he is capable of becoming.

This podcast with Yogi Roth goes into depth about the unique types of leaders and the power of storytelling, as Jim’s films have inspired millions. The advice Jim offers is to always produce your personality, and when you combine your personality with your passion, a storyteller is able to create an experience that the viewer remembers for life.

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Jim and Brett Favre

Jim at NFL Films