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Jordan Campbell is the founder of Winner Circle Athletics, a unique school in Southern California that helps students achieve their dreams of playing sports at a high level. He joined The Yogi Roth Show to share how he is impacting the next generation of athletes and leaders while going down memory lane with his former coach at USC, Yogi.

The Winner Circle Athletics, Jordan says, is designed to give students the mentorship that allowed him to have success in his own career, which included playing football at the University of Southern California and later in the NFL. It also teaches tangible tools to students while offering athletic training at a level that is extremely unique in education.

This sports academy that began as a dream for Jordan has become a 75,000 square foot campus that has state of the art classrooms, an indoor basketball court, baseball diamond, rehab facility, football fields, a barber shop, and more.

Take a listen to hear how Jordan’s journey shaped his vision for how WCA is leading the way in developing young athletes and be sure to follow @WCA_Training and Jordan @J_Campbell or visit

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