Legendary broadcaster Ted Robinson kicks off Season II of the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast with Yogi Roth. Ted shares how fearlessness, simple advice from his father & the New York Times impacted his life in sports.

Growing up New York City, Ted was drawn to sports by the New York Times, as he began to read it at 3 years old. He did not know it at the time but a simple conversation with his father back in the city he grew up in during his mid 20’s changed his life.

Ted’s ability to share stories about his journey will take you on the campus of Notre Dame as a student, onto the diamond of the Minnesota Twins in 1991 when they won the World Series, into Charlie Finley’s office when Ted got his first big break and beyond.

Ted will remind you that ‘it doesn’t take courage, it takes drive’ and that simply asking to achieve your dream is a first step worth taking, as that got him to broadcast his first Olympics.

Ted, who partners with Yogi each week on the Pac-12 Network broadcasting college football games, has broadcast Major League baseball, NBA, NFL, numerous Olympic games, major Tennis tournaments and even a Papal Mass with the Pope, among other global events.

Listen to fast friends share stories, laughs and a common thought that we should never be ‘afraid of no.’

To learn more about Ted follow him on Twitter or watch his pre-game Facebook Live sessions.