Trent Dilfer–a 14-year NFL veteran, Super Bowl winning quarterback and current head coach at the Elite 11–is the most recent guest on this week’s podcast episode of The Yogi Roth Show. Someone I consider family, this was a conversation I have been thinking about since we launched this podcast almost three years ago. Our conversation goes into depth unpacking Trent’s path, his passions, and how football continues to impact his life’s journey. 

In this podcast, Trent reminisces over the time when he first fell in love with the game of football. He said that by the age of 10 his love affair with the game had began, which only continued to grow as he recognized and appreciated the complexities of the game and team camaraderie that came with it. Trent, who lives with a Growth Mindset, has also dedicated this phase of his life to impacting young men in grassroots football through the Elite 11 quarterback camp. There, he and his staff set out each year to guide the top quarterbacks in high school football to recognize and maximize their potential.

Trent will take you on a journey from his backyard imagining he was a professional athlete through his NFL career and now, the ‘Why’ behind his role as head coach of the Elite 11.

Specifically, Trent goes into depth explaining that football doesn’t define him. He describes both highs and lows in his career while sharing that perspective is key and that if you can have the self-awareness to realize that setbacks in your career don’t define you, then anything can be a teachable moment regarding how one moves forward and that is what defines your life journey. “No matter what you achieve in football, if it starts to shape your identity, then you are headed down a sketchy path.” Said Trent. Other insights and stories include when he was boo’d in a crowded restaurant and still continued to eat there, to being deemed one of the worst players in the NFL one year and a Pro Bowler the next, to now being a considered a highly regarded and accomplished player, coach, and most importantly, a father.

Trent also emphasized the importance of being able to move forward and live in the present, because you shouldn’t let what you have done in the past shape what you will do in the future. He describes living through your past to be one of the saddest things because it not only limits your potential, but it robs what you are doing right now from the people around you. Instead, one should focus on the joy of the game, the joys of bouncing back after adversity, and the joys of accomplishing something special.

Listen to this podcast to learn how Trent is using his athletic journey to help others and the positive impact he is seeking to make the world a better place. I consider Trent to be a 1% paradigm shifter in a lot of different areas, so listen in to see how he is creating a culture to improve society and how he puts everything in perspective to encourage young athletes to become well-rounded individuals. 

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